Since 2006, we have been importing hot and cold glue systems, spare parts and glue, which are the main subject of activity, and selling them domestically and internationally.

The company, packaging / labeling, food industry, textile / lamination, nonwoven sanitary/medical products, white goods/automotive manufacturing and assembly lines, printing/envelope-cooperating with customers in the wood and furniture industry.

The company, which has been continuously developing itself with both sales staff and technical service team since its inception, serves the Middle East and Turkish Republics as well as Turkey.

Itwdynatec-itwchallenger AAS Makina, which is a representative of Turkey, the Middle East and the Caucasus, serves its customers as well as its sales and technical support duties. In addition, Schutze, Timmer, ICO system products also offer sales and spare parts services.

Adhesive Application Systems

AAS, is a global supplier of hot melt machines and solutions for various industries such as packaging, disposable hygiene products, adhesive coating and lamination.

Hot Melt Adhesive Melters

It offers hotmelt adhesives for industries such as personal hygiene and nonwovens, medical applications, technical textiles, tapes and labels, packaging, product assembly.

Spare Parts and Auxiliary Chemicals

AAS provides better quality and consumables to its customers worldwide with equipment and auxiliary chemicals from brands in its product range.


Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to provide services to meet customer requests and expectations without compromising quality with the principle of customer orientation and to continuously improve the quality of Service.

Principles based on achieving this goal:
Ensuring that products, systems and services meet customer expectations,
Aiming to provide superior quality service by making a difference,
Using resources in the most efficient and economical way to achieve our goals and objectives

Encourage creativity and support knowledge through trainings,
Ensuring participation by increasing quality awareness, being responsible for quality with all managers and employees,
Increase efficiency by adopting continuous development,
To be respectful to the environment is to comply with laws and regulations.

We have 13 years experience with

Our Vision and Mission

AAS MAKİNA SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. we are on the side of values such as innovation and quality for the benefit of our customers.

Providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support to our customers with our products, solutions, protecting customer rights,

Customer satisfaction and reliability as the first choice of customers, creating value for our employees and customers, supporting professionally is one of our most important visions.